Introducing PheedLoop's NEW and Enhanced Ticket Transfer Experience!
March 20, 2024

Over the past few months, our valued community of users has been vocal about a more efficient ticket ownership transfer process, particularly when it comes to prompting recipients to fill out associated forms. We've heard you loud and clear, and we're thrilled to unveil an updated capability to our Ticket Transfer feature on PheedLoop!

Our dedicated team has been updating and testing the Ticket Transfer feature to not only enhance data security for our users but also improve convenience, especially for those managing large quantities of the same ticket for their colleagues. And we’re thrilled to share these developments that are now deployed to the platform and are ready for use! 

Let’s explore how you can leverage these updates to revolutionize ticket management for your upcoming events!

Seamless Ticket Claiming Update For New Ticket Holders 

If you are a seasoned PheedLoop user, you might be familiar with the current way of transferring ownership of tickets on our platform, requiring you to only press one button and the action will be immediately initiated. However, we know that registration forms often accompany tickets where attendees have to fill them out at registration and ticket purchase. 

That’s why we’ve tweaked the process where the new ticket holder will have to re-fill the form so that their information reflects on the ticket and the new ownership, enabling accurate and safe data transfer! 

Here’s how it works: Enter the email address of the person you want to transfer the ticket to. The new ticket holder will receive an email containing a redemption code where they will then follow the instructions in the email, visit the prompted link, input the redemption code, and answer all the questions in the associated form again to ensure up-to-date information! 

Enhanced Efficiency In Facilitating Group Registrations

In response to a common request from PheedLoop users, we've enhanced our ticketing system to accommodate group registrations seamlessly! Whether it's a sponsor with numerous sponsor tickets or a company representative registering multiple colleagues, our improved Ticket Transfer feature has you covered.

Previously, users would use our Promotion Code feature to distribute free tickets amongst their team and colleagues. Now, with our enhanced Ticket Transfer feature, you can effortlessly add and create multiple tickets for a single individual. Then, in their personalized Member Portal, they can transfer tickets to colleagues or friends, ensuring that each recipient can complete the necessary ticket forms with ease!

Wrap Up

Our goal in developing this feature is to enhance our user-friendly platform and to give PheedLoop users an efficient way to manage their events. Not only does this update underscore  our commitment to innovation but it also reinforces our position as an industry leader! As we continue to refine and enhance the user experience of our platform, we invite you to share your feedback so that you can help sway the direction of our development going forward!

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