NEW Tag-Based Restrictions for Live Polls via PheedLoop’s Dedicated Speaker Portal
October 3, 2023

Engaging attendees is a crucial aspect of running any successful event. One of the most convenient and effective ways to achieve this is through Live Polls, which allow event organizers to immediately send questions for attendees to respond to during any live event, whether it's a virtual or on-site gathering. PheedLoop, with its virtual portal and native event app, has been empowering event organizers to use Live Polls effectively. Now, taking things a step further, PheedLoop introduces an exciting enhancement to its system - the all-new and improved Speaker Portal, which offers more customizations for Live Polls than ever before!

Limit Live Poll Participation using Tag or Ticket Based Restrictions

PheedLoop now allows event organizers to limit Live Poll participation based on tags or tickets. This powerful feature can be easily configured directly in the PheedLoop dashboard, giving organizers full control over who can participate in specific Live Polls.

Imagine you are organizing an Annual General Meeting or a conference with multiple tracks and sessions. Each track may cater to a different audience, such as speakers, sponsors, or general attendees. With tag-based restrictions, you can tailor Live Polls to be relevant only to certain groups, ensuring that the questions and responses are specific to their interests or roles.

Ticket-based restrictions, on the other hand, allow you to create exclusive Live Polls accessible only to attendees who hold specific tickets. For instance, if you have VIP or premium ticket holders, you can provide them with exclusive Live Polls, making them feel valued and engaged in a unique way.

This level of customization enhances the overall event experience, as attendees receive content that is directly related to their interests or participation level, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction.

Display Live Polls in Full Screen Mode Directly in the Speaker Portal

For on-site events, PheedLoop's new Speaker Portal offers a convenient feature that allows you to display Live Polls in full-screen mode. When event planners open the Speaker Portal, they can project the Live Polls onto a large screen share or presentation, enabling real-time engagement with the audience.

Imagine hosting a large conference with a main stage where keynote speakers deliver captivating presentations. By displaying Live Polls in full-screen mode, you create an interactive and immersive experience for the audience, allowing them to actively participate in the discussions, share opinions, and see the results instantly. This not only enhances the overall event engagement but also facilitates meaningful interactions between speakers and attendees.

Configure and Enable Live Polls in Real-Time in the Speaker Portal

The new Speaker Portal empowers event planners and speakers with the ability to configure and enable Live Polls in real-time. Organizers can create polls in advance of the event, ensuring that everything is prepared and ready to go.

However, the ability to enable and disable Live Polls in real-time offers unparalleled flexibility during the event. If there are last-minute changes in the agenda or if certain polls are better suited for specific sessions, organizers can adapt on the fly. This ensures that Live Polls remain timely, relevant, and aligned with the flow of the event.

Moreover, the capability to review polls afterward provides valuable insights into attendee preferences, opinions, and interests. This post-event analysis can be used to refine future events and tailor content to better serve the audience.

Wrap Up

PheedLoop's new tag-based restrictions for Live Polls, coupled with the enhanced capabilities of the Speaker Portal, take event engagement and interactivity to new heights. With the power to limit Live Poll participation, display polls in full-screen mode, and configure them in real-time, event organizers can curate a more personalized and immersive experience for attendees.

Whether it's a corporate conference, a trade show, or a multi-day festival, Live Polls have the potential to transform events into dynamic and engaging experiences. PheedLoop's dedication to innovation continues to make event planning and execution more streamlined and effective, ensuring that every event leaves a lasting impact on participants.

Embrace the possibilities of the new PheedLoop Speaker Portal and tag-based Live Poll restrictions, and witness firsthand how interactivity and customization can elevate your events to unprecedented levels of success. Engage, empower, and impress your audience with PheedLoop's latest tools - the future of event management starts here!

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