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May 25, 2023
Product Updates

PheedLoop Now Supports White-Labeled Custom Email and Website Domains!

PheedLoop Now Supports White-Labeled Custom Email and Website Domains!

PheedLoop’s May Promotion!

Before we dive into the content of this blog post, we’re thrilled to announce PheedLoop’s Promotion for the month of May! Any client (new or returning) that signs a service agreement with PheedLoop by 4:59 pm ET on May 31, 2023, will receive 1x Touchless Event & Session Check-in Power-up for free.

The Touchless Event & Session Check-in Power-up unlocks a bunch of on-site capabilities at events on PheedLoop:

  • On-site check-in and badge printing systems
  • Session attendance tracking
  • CEU credit allocation and certificates

If you’re interested in learning more about these capabilities, please email!

PheedLoop has been a trusted platform for successfully powering events of all sizes, both large and small, since our inception back in 2015. Over time, we have received numerous requests from our users regarding the ability to white-label custom domains for email and website addresses. After extensive development efforts by our engineering team, we are thrilled to announce that PheedLoop now supports whitelabeling custom email address domains and website domains! These new features empower event organizers to better showcase their brands by providing a more personalized event experience.

Custom Domains on PheedLoop’s External Portals

One of the key enhancements introduced by PheedLoop is the ability to customize external facing portals, including the New Website and Registration, New Speaker Portal, and New Member Portal, with a custom domain of your choice. By opting for this feature, you can select and tailor a domain that aligns with your organization's branding and online presence!

To utilize this functionality, a paid power-up is required, along with access to the CNAME records on your DNS Provider for the domain you own. Configuring this feature is remarkably simple through your PheedLoop dashboard. You only need to choose a sub-domain that you own, such as, and subsequently set up the CNAME records. This not only elevates the familiarity of PheedLoop to your conference attendees but also strengthens your brand identity throughout the event experience. 

Custom Domains on PheedLoop Emails

In addition to customizing external URLs, PheedLoop also enables event organizers to personalize email communications by utilizing their own custom email domain! Previously, all emails sent from PheedLoop originated from the address. While event organizers could customize their reply-to email addresses, branding remained a concern.

Now, for the first time ever, you have the opportunity to replace the address with your own custom email domain! By specifying that all emails should come from (where "" is your domain), you can enhance the branding and professionalism of your event communications.

To utilize this feature, an additional purchase upgrade is required. However, the benefits are substantial. Not only does white labeling your email domain contribute to a more cohesive and recognizable event experience for your attendees, but it also accommodates stricter and more complex networking requirements. By sending emails from your custom email domain, you can ensure that your attendees easily recognize and trust the source of the email, increasing chances of successful delivery and engagement!

Unlocking These Upgrades

To unlock custom website domains on PheedLoop’s external-facing portals, you will need to purchase the White-Labeled URL Upgrade which is billed at $1,450 per year. Doing so will enable you to whitelabel URLs for all events you host on PheedLoop.

To unlock custom email domains for communications sent from PheedLoop, you will need to purchase the Custom Email Domain Upgrade which is billed at $1,450 per year. Doing so will enable you to whitelabel email domains for all events you host on PheedLoop.

Wrap Up

The ability to white-label custom email addresses and website domains represents a significant milestone in empowering event organizers to create a fully personalized and branded environment for their attendees. By customizing external portals and utilizing custom email domains, PheedLoop ensures that your event experience aligns seamlessly with your organization's branding, enhancing familiarity and trust among attendees.

Take advantage of these two powerful features to white label your attendees' PheedLoop experience and deliver an event that resonates with your unique brand identity. As always, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance your event management capabilities, and we look forward to supporting your success with these new features. To learn more about this new update, feel free to reach out to us at

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