Unlimited Free Pre-Recorded Virtual Event Streams Now Support Simulive!
January 9, 2023

Free Upload & Stream

A big reason many events select PheedLoop is because of our unlimited free streaming of pre-recorded content (called Upload & Stream). This is a huge deal for events with a lot of on-demand content, events with small teams, events with low-budgets, or massive events with hundreds or thousands of sessions and countless concurrent tracks - making streaming live seamlessly next to impossible (and very expensive).

Well, we’ve just made our free Upload & Stream feature a whole lot better, with simulive! Simulive will help your pre-recorded sessions feel even more like live sessions, and we have so many more features coming to Upload & Stream shortly - so stay tuned!

Your pre-recorded video streams will benefit from simulive as the update rolls out to all events this weekend.

Why Pre-Record Sessions?

A trend we’ve seen move rapidly forward over the last few months is more events choosing to pre-record significant parts of their event’s content. The reasons are usually quite obvious:

  • Reduced risk - From internet issues to muted speakers
  • Simplified logistics - Juggling live streams, especially concurrently, is far from easy
  • Higher production value - More time to record/edit means more flexibility and quality
  • Lower cost - Events love that PheedLoop offers free streaming of pre-recorded videos

Of course, there are major benefits to actually presenting live during your event as well. Most notably, such sessions are more interactive with live Q&A (including in the middle of the broadcast itself), live games, live polls, etc. It’s also great to have everyone “at the event” and inspire more engagement and conversation.

What we’ve seen many events do is mix the approach of presenting live content, and presenting pre-recorded content. This works extremely well, as some sessions like keynotes, interactive panels, and workshops which are often presented very well live can stay that way, and the more voluminous sessions that are more lecture-style can be managed through pre-recorded videos.

How Will Simulive Work?

The simulive experience will be based entirely upon your session’s start date/time setting. Once you enable the stream and the session goes live, anyone who joins the session at any time will be watching the pre-recorded video stream from the exact same point in time as everyone else, perfectly synced. PheedLoop will automatically account for timezones as well, we know people are joining your events from all around the world.

Can Sessions Still Be Available On-Demand?

Absolutely! If you leave the stream enabled and the session has reached its end time, then the video will be available on-demand the way it always has been for weeks or months, depending on you and your specific situation/needs. This is a great way to engage people who missed the event, continue to monetize, promote sponsors, etc.

How Else Are You Making Upload & Stream Better?

Although we don’t reveal too many product updates ahead of time, we’re very keen on helping events run more affordably and smoothly. You can expect more options to transition from pre-recorded to live content, and more options to pre-record your sessions within PheedLoop itself instead of having to go outside and uploading your recordings directly into the system. Stay tuned!

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