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February 12, 2024
Product Updates

Unlocking Advanced Event App Customizations with PheedLoop Go!’s New Home Screen Widgets

Unlocking Advanced Event App Customizations with PheedLoop Go!’s New Home Screen Widgets

As the need for personalization among our users increases, we are excited to announce the latest update to our PheedLoop Go! Event App – Event App Widgets! With unparalleled opportunities for customization, the Event App Widgets provide you with the ability to spotlight important information on the home screen – the central hub for all of your attendees. Customizing the Event App Widgets to your delight not only creates meaningful engagement with attendees but also shares accurate information with simplicity, streamlining the process of making your event unique and memorable. 

Customize the Event App Widgets with Simple Navigation

Serving as an added layer to the home screen, the Event App Widgets work seamlessly with the existing sections of Announcements, Sponsor Logos, Event Feed, and many more. Using the DIY builder in your PheedLoop dashboard, you can now easily customize each widget with a simple drag-and-drop motion, effortlessly complimenting the existing sections. The purpose behind this strategic development is to offer you efficiency in taking crucial details to center stage while providing attendees with quick access to important information, allowing them to stay up-to-date at your event. 

Let’s delve into the versatility of each of the five newly added Event App Widgets, their uses, and how you can leverage them to make your upcoming event successful!

Exhibitors Spotlight Widget: With the Exhibitors Spotlight Widget, you can now easily h​​ighlight selected exhibitors on the homepage of the PheedLoop Go! Event App. This allows you to pick and choose certain exhibitors to spotlight independently outside of the Exhibitor Directory. Attendees can then seamlessly open detailed profile information by simply tapping on any spotlighted exhibitors where the exhibitor’s full profile becomes visible. If you need to provide additional value to certain exhibitors who purchase a premium package, this is a great way to do so!

Speakers Spotlight Widget: The Speakers Spotlight Widget enables you to bring focus to selected speakers at your event, providing much faster access to the big names at your event. With a simple tap, attendees can quickly view a speaker’s name, title, organization, profile picture, and many more. They can even see which sessions the speaker is participating in and seamlessly add those sessions to their personal calendar with the click of a button. Want to spotlight different speakers on different days? It’s as simple as toggling the ‘Speaker Spotlight Widget’ on the speaker’s profile in the back-end dashboard. 

Gamification Spotlight Widget: Not to worry, we didn’t leave out PheedLoop’s most popular feature, Gamification. This update allows you to highlight the top members of the leaderboard based on gamification points earned at your event! Showcasing attendees with the highest points can ignite healthy competition and increase engagement with the facets of your event that you are using Gamification to shine a spotlight on. 

Matchmaking Spotlight Widget: Where Gamification is the most popular feature on PheedLoop Go!, our various networking systems come a close second. The Matchmaking Spotlight Widget aims to provide easy access to networking opportunities for attendees. By filling out a short survey, attendees are matched based on their similar interests. As the event admin, you can choose to make attendees’ top matches front and centre, driving opportunities for meaningful connections and making your event that much more memorable.

Meetings Spotlight Widget: Similar to the Matchmaking Spotlight Widget, the Meetings Spotlight Widget gives you the ability to bring the focus to meeting booking at your event. Through this widget, attendees will have quick access to information such as upcoming meeting locations, times, and guest(s). They will also be able to accept or deny pending invitations to meetings. You may be running a hosted buyer program or simply promoting attendee-to-attendee and attendee-to-exhibitor meetings - having the Meeting Spotlight Widget as the first thing that an attendee sees when they open the app, this is sure to drive engagement and increase the number of face-to-face interactions at your next event on PheedLoop. 

Re-order and Customize the Event App Home Screen

Beyond the advantages they bring to event planning, the Event App Widgets are designed to provide a seamless user experience through simple navigation. With a simple drag-and-drop motion, you can re-organize the layout of the widgets within your intuitive dashboard. You can hide or unhide certain widgets as well as move them up or down to suit your preferences! 

Wrap Up

The introduction of the Event App Widgets is a testament to innovation and our commitment to revolutionizing event planning. Working towards a seamless user experience, our goal for this newly launched feature is to give you complete control of your event, anytime and anywhere.  

Staying at the forefront of technology, PheedLoop continues to grow and strive for excellence in the realm of event planning and management. Keep an eye out for other exciting product announcements in future newsletters.

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