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Stop wasting time and money on fragmented event software solutions. PheedLoop combines your event's registration and badge printing systems so check-in is simple and data is secure.


What Took Days Now Takes Seconds

Checked-In to Printed Badge in Seconds

PheedLoop's badge printers instantly print custom badges for your attendees on-site, in real-time. No long line ups, scrambling through piles of badges, or changing names on-site.

Use a smartphone, tablet or laptop to wirelessly print badges

Badges and labels are printed in less than 1 second

Check-in kiosks allow instant badge changes, eliminates re-prints

Because Your Brand Matters

Customize and Print Beautiful Premium Badges

PheedLoop offers various material and design options, ensuring your badges look amazing every time. Full color, durable materials,custom fields, and lots of space to promote sponsors and event details.

Integrate QR codes for engagement and tracking

Choose fields, font sizes, and positioning of attendee details

Create custom designs for different groups of attendees

Unlock Your Badge's Full Potential

Deeply Integrated with Registration to Event Apps

Your badges can be so much more than dangling pieces of paper or plastic. From design to print, you can choose to integrate your badges with the incredible power of PheedLoop's software tools.

Scan QR codes or tap NFC chips to track attendance, network, and play

Use self check-in kiosks to personalize and automate badge printing

Print badges straight from your mobile event app by scanning tickets

I typically have had to ask speakers 5,000 times to send a bio. With PheedLoop, speakers have already uploaded their bio and their resume.

kylee daily - event & marketing director

With PheedLoop, I'm organized. I'm efficient. We make more money. We communicate better with our members, our sponsors and our exhibitors.

suzanne burnie, CEM CMM - manager, conference & events


Badge Printing Frequently Asked Questions

What do your badges look like?

By default, PheedLoop exports standard 3" x 4" badges with your banner and theme color. But you can modify the template to match your size, design and content requirements.

Which printers is PheedLoop compatible with?

It really depends on the size of badge you choose to create, and we'd be happy to offer suggestions. For 3" x 4" badges, the Canon PM-400 and Dymo printers are great possibilities.

What are the badges' QR codes used for?

PheedLoop's event app has a built-in QR code scanner, used by event staff to check attendees in/out of the event and sessions, exhibitors to capture leads, and attendees to network.

Do you also print and ship badges?

Yes, we have several global partners which PheedLoop interfaces with to produce and ship any type of badge you like. We'd be happy to suggest options when you're ready.

What details are included on badges?

By default, the attendee's full name, title, organization, and any tags (e.g. speaker, exhibitor, student, etc.). A QR code is also embedded to aid with check-in and interactivity.

Does PheedLoop help with badge design?

You bet! Our designers on-staff are always extremely delighted to lend ideas, design expertise, and direct help every step of the way. We want your event to look amazing.

Can I export multiple badges at once?

Absolutely! If you're going with the 3" x 4" badges, you can export singles or sheets of 6 which print perfectly on standard 6 badge sheets - great for pre-printing badges.

How does on-site badge printing work?

You can use your admin dashboard to check attendees in as they visit your event, and when doing so you'll be prompted to optionally print their badge. It's that simple!

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