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hybrid + Virtual Events with Trade Shows, Streaming, and Networking!

Experience massive gains in sales, reduce costs and reach thousands of new attendees worldwide. Lead your events into the future with robust, integrated live streaming technology using PheedLoop.


FutureProof Your Events

Hybrid and Virtual Events are the Future, PheedLoop Bridges the gap

Taking your event virtual doesn't mean putting them online entirely, but the world is changing fast. Taking pieces of your events online will ensure you're ready for this new future.

Stream your event's sessions instantly using our RTMP service or directly from Zoom (supports concurrent sessions)

Save all session video in a Netflix-style event library, paired with real-time networking and a live exhibit hall

Stream directly to PheedLoop's web, iOS, and Android event app along with countless other services using "Simulcast"

increase Your Audience and Boost Sales

Run Your Events Without Borders

Imagine inviting that amazing speaker who just couldn't make the trip, or sharing your event in real-time with thousands of attendees worldwide.

Sell virtual passes year round for live or recorded content

Embed and promote sponsors in live streams and videos

Attract a global audience with accessible, on-demand content

Live Streaming Made Super Simple

Broadcast using Any Device, Or Upload Pre Recorded Content

It takes minutes to get set up! From the most advanced streaming setups for hybrid events, to simply firing up Zoom meetings and webinars and having concurrent broadcasts embedded and available in a beautiful and interactive virtual event portal.

Built on robust Real Time Media Protocol (RTMP), opening endless streaming options

Native integration with Zoom for instant configuration and no downloads required for your attendees to view and participate

Share public or private links to recorded sessions post-event

Attendee Engagement at Scale

Go Beyond Live Streaming and Start Live Engaging

A generic video conferencing tool can stream video, but it can't replace the live event experience that PheedLoop enables with its full suite of engagement tools. Virtual attendees can be so much more than quiet observers.

Streaming integrated with optional event app and ticket sales systems

Use live polls, Q&A, feedback, discussions and more while streaming to keep attendees engaged

Integrated with our new live trade show and exhibit hall, enabling real-time chats, video/audio calls, and file sharing

With PheedLoop, I'm organized. I'm efficient. We make more money. We communicate better with our members, our sponsors and our exhibitors.

suzanne burnie, CEM CMM - manager, conference & events

I typically have had to ask speakers 5,000 times to send a bio. With PheedLoop, speakers have already uploaded their bio and their resume.

kylee daily - event & marketing director

we've got answers

Virtual Events & Streaming Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of sponsorship opportunities exist?

Virtual events open many new sponsorship opportunities for permanent exposure year round, instead of just for the few days at the event itself. You can add sponsor logo watermarks to your streams and have them sponsor over a dozen opportunities in the virtual portal and event app combined.

What does Simulcast do?

Simulcast allows you to simultaneously broadcast your session and speaker streams from PheedLoop to a range of third party services such as YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, Zoom, Twitch and more. This allows you to reach an even larger audience as well as capture video backups.

How can my audience access the videos?

PheedLoop's live streams, Zoom or RTMP, are directly integrated into our virtual event portals, leading to an incredibly powerful context-aware streaming and virtual event attendance experience. This is accessible through native mobile (iOS and Android) and web browsers. Audiences can also view the content post-event.

Can attendees watch videos later?

Absolutely! By default all streams are recorded, and available for viewing at any time in the app and other portals. You may even choose to sell tickets after an event has ended to further monetize or simply educate attendees who couldn't make it to your event.

How do I start streaming?

If you are running a hybrid event, your AV team (or yourself) is likely to use our native RTMP service (similar to YouTube, Twitch, Livestream, etc.). We also have a deep native integration with Zoom, allowing you to run large conferences, multi-track, in one interface with no downloads.

My event has been impacted by COVID-19, the novel coronavirus. Can you help?

Yes. Due to this situation, our team invested endless days and nights to advance the development of our virtual events tool. If your event is at risk of cancellation, let us know. We are offering our base virtual events platform for free until July 31, 2020.

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