Less Spreadsheets, More Submissions, 100% Synced - Streamline Proposals, Abstracts, and Reviewer Workflows

PheedLoop helps you attract more applicants and automate your review processes. The best part? All proposal data syncs to your portals, from your on-site mobile app and website to your speaker portals and virtual event.

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Build Your Own Calls for Proposals, Process Reviews, Accept, and Sync

PheedLoop's Call for Proposals is perfect for event teams tired of relying on endless spreadsheets or trying to patch various technologies together. With PheedLoop, you can rapidly assemble a highly customized application process, with intelligent features to help you draw in more applicants, track incomplete submissions, build review panels, and more.

The best part comes when you approve a proposal. The moment you do, sessions, speakers, files, and more are automatically synced with your event website, apps, and attendee portals saving your endless days of work.

Precise Speaker Management via Submission Portals, Co-Speaker Management, Speaker Contracts

Managing prospective speakers can be tougher than herding cats, but with PheedLoop it's a cinch. The moment a proposal is submitted, you can give applicants access to private portals to self-manage their submissions, saving you endless edits and email exchanges. Co-presenters and applicants can also be managed from the same, one place

All your communication is fully centralized and custom, from confirmations and updates to acceptances and denials. Just before you're ready to make things official, you can even set up speaker contracts to ensure everyone's on the same page!

Manage Review Panels with Advanced Settings for a Fair, Quick and Seamless Proposal Review Process

PheedLoop doesn't stop at collecting proposals and abstracts for events, it goes all the way allowing you to create and manage review panels too! Review panels can consist of as many reviewers as you like, and you can even specify specific tracks, calls, and submissions for specific reviewers to assess.

Reviewers get their own private review portals, and you can track reviews in real-time. Customize the review process with completely custom review forms including conditional logic, and export the results any time to get a full picture of the results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run blind (anonymous) reviews for proposals and abstracts?

Yes, absolutely! With a simple flick of a switch, you can turn your entire proposal review process into a highly anonymous one. This helps events eliminate any potential bias in the process of accepting proposals and abstracts.

What happens when I accept a proposal or abstract?

Because PheedLoop is so much more than a basic call for proposals system, there's a lot that happens when you accept a proposal. Upon accepting, proposal sessions and speakers are instantly synced and added to your event, ready to publish to your mobile app, website, guides and more. Speakers also get private portals to manage their profiles and sessions, and you can event set up a speaker contract they must sign!

Can applicants submit files, and what types?

Yes, applicants can submit an unlimited number of files as part of your call for process. If you don't want to collect files, you can skip this step for each individual call that you set up. Applicants can submit any type of file, as well. Once the proposal is submitted, applicants can use their submission portals to continue to modify their uploads until the cut-off date.

Can I set up custom forms with conditional logic?

Yes! You have the option when setting up every call for abstracts or proposals to enable a custom survey step. That step is configured using PheedLoop's powerful form builder tool which allows for conditional logic based on responses to multiple and single select choice questions. Same deal for your review process, the evaluations can be configured based on completely custom forms too!

If I'm using a third-party call for proposals system, can I import proposals into PheedLoop?

You can't, and really you don't need to, import proposals into PheedLoop. What you can and should do is simply import the completed and accepted sessions and speakers into PheedLoop, and it will be as if you used the PheedLoop proposals and abstracts system from the start (just more tedious because you need to manage multiple tools). A lot of customers are tied down to some other system in their first year of using PheedLoop, so you're not alone!

Can I use the call for proposals system for award nominations?

Absolutely! The call for proposals system is an extremely flexible tool, it's not only meant for collecting sessions and presenters. You can customize the entire flow to collect all kinds of applications and create all kinds of review processes. Award nominations and submissions for events is a very common use-case.

What do PheedLoop's customers have to say?

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