Interactive Floor Plan System With Real-Time Updates, Embeddable Widgets, Live Booth Selection, Navigation, and more!

Streamline your event planning with our built-in exhibitor floor plan builder - it's super easy to use and completely native to the PheedLoop platform. This allows you to effortlessly embed floor plans across multiple portals, including the event website, exhibitor application portal, and private exhibitor portals, for a dynamic interactive experience.

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Built-In Exhibitor Floor Plan Builder

Unlike other platforms that use third party integrations, PheedLoop’s Floor Plan builder is built right into the system so you have everything you need all in one place, from building a floor plan, to assigning booths and specific exhibitors to them! 

  • Super easy to use and implement, so you have a floor plan up and running in no time 
  • Built-in floor plan builder allows you to add unlimited number of booths with unlimited sizes, as well as custom colors and graphics 
  • It’s interactive (pan, zoom, hover), embeddable on third-party sites, mobile responsive, and synced in real-time with selections, sales and modifications
  • Exhibitors can self-select or be assigned specific booths
  • Perfect for trade shows, consumer shows, and showcases

Real-time Updates Synced Across All Platforms

If there’s one thing we know about running events, it’s that things are always changing at the last minute. With PheedLoop’s Floor Plan management system, you can rest assured that all your updates will be synced in real time, across all portals no matter what!

  • Make changes to small details, including the position, size, layout, and number of your booths 
  • Floor Plan system quickly adapts to new changes and will sync across all your portals in real-time
  • Booth sales - booths get held as you sell them, ensuring that no two exhibitors end up purchasing the same booth

Floor Plans Embedded Across Multiple Portals

Floor Plans are embeddable anywhere - whether you want people to access them on your organization website or other third party sites, they’re fully functional, responsive and interactive even outside of PheedLoop!

  • There are 4 key interfaces where the Floor Plan can be accessed: the Event Website, Exhibitor Application Portal, PheedLoop Go Event App, and Private Exhibitor Portals
  • Event Website - and embeddable on other third-party websites
  • Exhibitor Portals - preview floor plans and booth selection for booth purchase
  • PheedLoop Go Event App - dynamic interface allows you to easily pan, zoom, or tap into a booth
  • Easily grab code snippet from Floor Plan system and embed it anywhere

Sell Booths With Ease

Create, edit, customize, package and sell as many exhibitor floor plans and booths as needed. The intuitive design of the Floor Plan interface guarantees that you’re selling those booths at record speed!

  • Embed floor plans, allow exhibitors to select booths based on what they want and purchase them
  • Exhibitors can self-select or be assigned specific booths, based on rules that you set 
  • Conflict detection is embedded in the Exhibitor Floor Plan selection process, so there’s no need to worry about booths being booked over each other
  • Exhibitors can preview the floor plan during the application process or on your event website

Customizability and Ease of Use

Not only is the Floor Plan Builder super easy to use, but it’s highly customizable as well. Drag-n-drop booths, control how big or small you want them to appear, and who you want them to appear to. 

  • Create unlimited number of floor plans, add booths and assign exhibitors to them 
  • Use our helpful grid system to create customizable shapes in any given color
  • Add custom texts, graphics and images 
  • Customize the settings to hide certain booths from specific exhibitors
  • Auto-layout tool allows you to put all your booths on the floor plan with one click

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