Unify Your Hybrid Event Attendees with Streaming, Video Meetings, Games, Check-In, Photo Booths and More!

PheedLoop has been a trusted provider of hybrid events since 2015, from on-site badge printing and mobile apps to streaming, lead capture and beyond. Discover how you can reach larger audiences, grow your sales, and streamline your events.

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Built for Hybrid from the Start, Flexible Enough for Every Hybrid Event Format

Instead of settling for a virtual event platform turned hybrid or a one-size-fits all mobile event app, trust a real event management platform. PheedLoop has been powering events since 2015 and is designed to meet every in-person and virtual event requirement, for every possible hybrid format.

Build one event instead of two to save endless days of work and promise a streamlined attendee experience. From check-in and streaming to networking, it's all purpose-built. Paired with PheedLoop's unmatched event management features like registration, call for abstracts, badge printing, and more.

Unified Hybrid Attendee Experiences with Networking, Games, and Live Interaction

Just because your in-person and virtual attendees are physically apart, doesn't mean they can't connect! PheedLoop focuses on creating attendee experiences unique to in-person attendees (e.g. badge scan networking), unique to virtual attendees (e.g. breakout video groups), and several hybrid experiences too!

From video calling between in-person and virtual attendees, to matchmaking, games, synced polls and session chat, and even photo booths, your hybrid attendees are going to have a blast!

Built-In and Hybrid Ready Streaming Options for Live and On-Demand Viewing

PheedLoop makes streaming your event super simple and affordable. Built-in to PheedLoop is a robust, low-latency RTMP ingest allowing you or your on-site AV team to start streaming within seconds to thousands of attendees. Additional options like our built-in Meet & Stream, white-labeled Zoom, and third-party support covers all bases.

Recording happens automatically, and you can even take your entire virtual event on-demand with features like Simulive. Stream your event on-demand for months for free, and keep generating revenue and sponsor exposure!

Take Exhibitor and Sponsor Exposure and Revenue to a Whole New Level

PheedLoop offers over 30 options between its combined in-person and virtual technologies to ensure your sponsors and exhibitors have an incredible array of options to choose from. From banners on on-site check-in kiosks to custom backgrounds in virtual live streams, there's a lot to consider.

Hybrid events with PheedLoop also allow you to benefit from real-time analytics using SmartSight, combining on-site and virtual sponsor and exhibitor metrics. PheedLoop offers everything from 3D virtual video booths to badge scan lead capture too!

Go Beyond Hybrid by Focusing on On-Site Excellence and Experience

The challenge most event planners face is that any hybrid events platform they choose still requires them to tack on several other platforms to accomplish their on-site goals. Not with PheedLoop! Built 100% in-house, serving events for years, is a battle-tested collection of products to ensure on-site excellence and smooth integration!

Blazing fast on-site badge printing, interactive exhibit hall floor plans, seat planning tools, mobile apps, live displays, on-site touchless check-in, session attendance scanning with CE credits, exhibitor lead capture, and more!

Newest Product Updates & Announcements

Introducing FIVE Major Updates to the PheedLoop Registration Process: Enhancing The User Experience Of Your Event Planning and Management
April 10, 2024
Revolutionizing On-site Badge Printing With Wireless Networks
April 3, 2024
Revolutionizing Event Management With The Session Check-In Forms Feature - Now Available in PheedLoop Go!
March 27, 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of hybrid formats does PheedLoop support?

Just about anything! Your hybrid event can have virtual and on-site components running at the same time, or at different times, and for the exact same price and using the same platform, you can run your hybrid event. We've seen most events split their virtual and on-site components to keep things simple.

What sets PheedLoop's hybrid tech apart?

PheedLoop has been powering on-site events since 2015, so all the critical tech you need (e.g. mobile app, on-site check-in, badges, streaming, floor plans, scanning) are all built-in! Pair that with PheedLoop's virtual portal which has powered over 2,500 events and is fully synced with the on-site experience for a seamless hybrid event. Most companies either transitioned from virtual to some basic form of hybrid, or rely on selling a cookie-cutter platform (usually a mobile app) for both on-site and virtual attendees.

What if I don't know how many attendees will be in-person vs. virtual?

No problem! This is why we've built PheedLoop's tech and pricing to be extremely flexible. The good news is, the virtual portal itself is free for hybrid events, it's a promotion we are running for the next year to help events go hybrid. Also, PheedLoop is 100% pay as you go. The tech itself is designed to work uniquely but without any additional effort on your part for both in-person and virtual attendees.

How does streaming work from on-site to virtual?

Since streaming is a cornerstone for hybrid events, we've worked to provide best-in-class options via a direct RTMP link that your venue or AV team can easily leverage (with automatic recording). You can also use our native Meet & Stream system, our Zoom integration, or any other third-party streaming service if RTMP isn't ideal for you. Plus, you can make your event available on-demand as well and stream for free post-event!

Do you offer on-site support?

Absolutely, we've been offering on-site support for years and our team has supported events worldwide. It's $650/day (not including travel and accommodations), and we'll help you with whatever you need including attendee support, on-site printing, streaming troubleshooting, and more. We also offer virtual on-site support at a lower cost, which allows you to get us on a video call anytime.

What if I'm running just an in-person event?

Simple, just don't use the virtual components. PheedLoop has powered in-person events since 2015 and is optimized both for in-person and virtual events individually and in combination. You're welcome to use all our standard event solutions from registration, mobile apps, and abstracts, to websites, badges, sponsor portals, check-in and beyond. It's hugely beneficial in this day and age to add a virtual component, so if you ever want to do so, with PheedLoop all it takes is flicking a single switch!

What do PheedLoop's customers have to say?

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