Unlimited Networking Opportunities With Chat, Videos, Meeting Booking, Badge Scanning, Gamification, Matchmaking!

PheedLoop has countless networking opportunities available to help you run a successful networking event. With location-aware and presence-detection live chats, PheedLoop Meet, meeting bookings, badge scanning, gamification, and matchmaking, we have everything you need to take your networking to the next level!

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Location-Aware & Presence-Aware Live Chat

Why limit yourself to old-fashioned private messaging when you can experience a smarter messaging system with PheedLoop’s location-aware and presence-detection chat system!

  • Location-aware: attendees can chat in specific locations to find like-minded people and have relevant conversations 
  • Presence-detection: allows attendees to see who is online at any given time and jump into private conversations
  • Compatible with hybrid, in-person, and virtual events, works on both mobile and desktop 
  • Combine chat with all other networking features on PheedLoop to get people to break the ice prior to your event

Video And PheedLoop Meet

PheedLoop Meet: our native in-house-built system allows for high-quality individual and group video calling capabilities

  • Primarily for virtual, but also extremely useful for in-person events looking to encourage networking pre-event
  • Available for both mobile and desktop to make video communication between virtual and in-person attendees seamless
  • Free of charge for unlimited video calling minutes including in groups

Meeting Booking

PheedLoop’s brand new Meeting Booking system allows attendees to instantly select times to meet based on their schedules. This feature is set to be rolling out very soon and is available for both in-person and virtual events!

  • Meetings show up on an attendee’s personal calendar reminder notifications included
  • Creates an organized way for people to go from casual to formal conversations, perfect for sales meetings and lead generation
  • Embeddable within the regular event schedule, making it easy to know when meetings are happening in relation to sessions 
  • Conflict detection so you don't have to worry about double booking 

Badge Scanning

Created specifically for on-site events, badge scanning is a fun and powerful tool that allows attendees to use their mobile phones to scan badges of their fellow attendees to continue the conversation 

  • Great way to break the ice, encourages people to get out of their comfort zone and meet new people in person
  • Exchange contact details on the spot and not have to worry about forgetting who you meet
  • Win points with gamification integrated into the badge scanning action, helping you incentivize more networking


Gamification is the perfect tool to drive energy and engagement at any given event. It’s proven to be extremely successful for events and even more successful for networking opportunities!

  • Attendee to attendee: associate points with badge scanning, get creative with games
  • Attendee to exhibitor: lead capture, split event up into teams and attendees compete against each other to win, great opportunity to meet new people in teams 
  • Encourage networking with gamified scavenger hunts
  • Reward attendees for putting themselves out there


Matchmaking is a sophisticated AI-powered feature that allows attendees to connect with other attendees based on their preferences and shared interests that you help curate!

  • Have custom match-making surveys pop up in the interface during your event to help segment your attendees
  • Top matches constantly refreshed based on attendee interests and like-mindedness, along with scores
  • Compatible with hybrid, in-person, and virtual events and works on both mobile and desktop 

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