From Abstracts and Contracts, to Private Portals, Polls, and Slide Sharing with the Ultimate Speaker Management Tool

Do you find yourself constantly micro-managing your speakers? You’re not alone! With PheedLoop’s industry-leading speaker management system, you now have the ability to add speakers, manage them, and automate any changes your speakers make all in one place.

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Fully Automated Call for Abstracts and Proposals

Stop using spreadsheets! We’ve built a fully developed and automated platform that allows you to collect applications for all your speakers. PheedLoop automates every step for you, from submission all the way to review panels and presentation. 

  • Create review panels, assign proposals, and collect reviews  
  • Speaker and session entries automatically created after accepting a proposal 
  • Instantly synced, from the moment a prospect submits a proposal to them ultimately presenting
  • Automated lead capture helps you track and remind incomplete proposals and increase your submissions by up to 50%

Powerful Private Speaker Portals

The speaker portal is a powerful interface for event planners who are tired of micromanaging their speakers. It puts speakers in the driver’s seat, and you can manage exactly how much control they have.

  • A private portal for each of your speakers, personalized for them 
  • Allows speakers to self-manage their speaking experiences with their changes synced in real-time across all your portals
  • Speakers can manage individual sessions, live polls, Q&A, feedback, tasks, and even upload files for attendees to download
  • Assign and automate tasks for your speakers with automatic email reminders to always keep them up-to-date

Streamlined Speaker Contract Management & Ticketing

Professional event planners know that speaker logistics don’t end with collecting proposals and slides. PheedLoop helps you manage everything from contracts, to tickets and payments.

  • Instantly send speakers personalized contracts to sign, along with custom forms
  • Ensure your speakers are properly registered for your events with custom speaker registration categories and tickets
  • Process payments for paid speaking opportunities or create promotions to offer free tickets with ease

Advanced Custom Reporting & Real-Time Analytics

With Pheedloop, when you  manage your speakers you get access to custom reporting and analytics right from your dashboard.

  • Export your speaker data to CSV or Excel, get real-time analytics, and design custom reports
  • Track your speakers to see how they are performing, who is attending their presentations and how popular they are 
  • All streamlined and easy to manage and visualize using SmartSight & Advanced Custom Reporting

Multiple Ways to Help Speakers Keep Attendees Engaged

Get creative and discover new ways to keep your attendees engaged. With live polls, Q&A, pop-up surveys, feedback, games and more you can make your event fun for your speakers and attendees both!

  • Gage how engaged your attendees are in real time by leveraging live polls and Q&A
  • Leave the door open for attendees to ask questions post-session and follow up with those who want more info
  • Use our gamification features to keep attendees on their toes, excited and rewarded
  • Use SmartSight for a minute-by-minute view of attendee engagement and deploy new tactics on the fly

Presentation Management to Help Speakers Focus

When it’s time to go live, you want to rely on a platform that does everything for you and keeps it all in one place so you don’t have to worry about the little things at the last minute.

  • Whether it’s virtual, on-site, or hybrid, you can manage your slides, resources, and actual presentation via a single source of truth
  • Dedicated speaker portals for on-site events to ensure all files and engagement options for a speaker and their session is managed in one place
  • Dedicated Backstage for virtual events to help you record, stream and coordinate your speakers

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