Custom Tokens, Speaker Designations, Remove Display Picture, and More! New Product Tweaks (June - August)
January 9, 2023

While summer is a time to unwind and relax for most, the PheedLoop engineering team has been hard at work making sure that users of our platform are getting the most out of their events and PheedLoop experience! This summer, just like any other summer, has been packed with product tweaks, performance updates, and pushing out new features for our virtual, in-person and hybrid systems. 

There are countless tweaks being pushed out constantly, and we didn't want all the small ones to go unnoticed. So we curated a list of noteworthy product updates to ensure they don’t go missed! Without further ado, here is a list of product tweaks and updates that we think are important to point out: 

  • Custom tokens now supported in emails - event organizers are now able to use custom tokens in the body of templated emails. Previously, this was only available in announcements. These tokens will be replaced with relevant details once sent (for example, links to the attendee portal, login links, important attendee information such as first name, last name, dietary restrictions, etc.). This update makes it super easy to personalize emails and communications from PheedLoop, saving event planners countless hours!
  • Live display now available for purchase - this is now available as an event power-up in the event settings area. Events end up having so much information to communicate to attendees that often changes at the last minute. PheedLoop’s Live Display keeps your attendees up-to-date with all kinds of relevant information and updates synced in real-time. Built for onsite events, the Live Display allows you to showcase real-time announcements, social media, photo feeds, Q&A and polling, gamification leaderboards, sponsored posts, and so much more! To learn more, check out our previous blog post on the Live Display!
  • Performance improvements for registration and payment - recently, we’ve been working with a lot of trade shows and consumer conventions that garner registrations in the thousands to tens of thousands. To better support our clients running large events, we’ve rolled out some performance optimizations and dashboard improvements for managing registration numbers of this scale. We've also added some frontend registration flow improvements for bulk registrations so that it’s faster and easier than ever to register multiple people at once. This is great for events with a large number of attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. 
  • Speakers now support designations in their profile - this is included in the proposal application and registration flow as well as the speaker portal. This field is super convenient for adding pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them), designations (Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr) as well as job titles (Researcher, Analyst, Speaker).
  • Remove profile picture - uploaded a profile picture by accident? Well, now you have the ability to seamlessly delete/replace it with the click of a button! With this new update, attendees using the PheedLoop Go! Mobile App and Virtual Portal have the ability to remove their profile pictures from the settings section of the event app and Virtual Portal.
  • Hide scan option in PheedLoop OnSight - event admins can now hide the “scan” option in PheedLoop’s OnSight Check-In Kiosk if they’re not using PheedLoop badges to check their attendees into the event. This is a great option for those wanting to further customize PheedLoop’s check-in system for in-person events.This is the first of many incredible onsite tech updates we’ll be announcing over the coming weeks!
  • Mark complete and incomplete proposals - for further control, event admins can manually mark proposals submitted through PheedLoop’s Call For Proposals system as complete or incomplete, whereas previously it was only limited to pending review, approved or rejected. This gives event admins a more organized way of viewing and evaluating the status of their proposals and helps to improve one of our most popular features for academic and medical conferences!
  • French language toggle to reviewer portal - continuing on our proudly Canadian efforts to turn PheedLoop into a completely bilingual platform, we’ve now added the ability to translate the Call For Proposals’ Reviewer Portal from English to French. Working closely with our Canadian clients in the government sector, we were able to collaborate and identify areas for improvement when it comes to bilingual support on the platform. But we’re not stopping here - these bilingual capabilities will shortly be rolled out to our attendee/speaker/exhibitor/sponsor portals as well!
  • Change password on PheedLoop Go! - Forgot your password? No need to rack your brain anymore on what password you set months ago. Now, you have the ability to reset it directly from the PheedLoop Go app on your mobile device. 
  • Manually check attendees out of the dashboard - do you always end up having a few attendees who forget to check themselves out? Now you have the ability to check them out manually from the dashboard!
  • Hide web access button on event app - under mobile app settings, admins now have the ability to hide the web access button from appearing on the app’s landing page. This is a great way to push people to use the app solely, if you wish to do so for your event. 
  • Option to hide lobby chat - there is now a toggle in the Virtual Portal that allows event admins to hide the lobby chat. If the chat is getting too busy, you now have the ability to toggle it off!
  • Hide banner image - under event announcements, admins now have the option to hide banner images, giving planners further customization over their email content.
  • Report inappropriate content - if event participants are posting inappropriate content, other attendees now have the ability to report their posts for spam, hate speech, false information, bullying/harassment, etc. and event admins can have them removed. This is a great way for other attendees to monitor and ensure that the event feed stays relevant to the event and a safe space for other attendees, and it’s also a great way for admins to track exactly which posts have been reported and delete them.
  • Session self-checkout - while before, attendees only had the option to self check-in, now you have a self check-out option. If your event has a series of sessions and you want to keep track of when specific attendees check in and out, this is a very easy way to keep track of the time individual attendees are spending on each session 

What’s on the Horizon?

That’s not all! We have many more product updates and improvements coming your way soon. Our engineering team works very closely with the customer support team to deploy weekly tweaks and updates just like these ones. Although these tweaks may seem fairly small, we believe that little changes like these will make big differences to the PheedLoop administrative experience which will make your life as a planner that much easier. We’ll have some major product announcements coming very shortly so be sure to keep an eye out for the next product update newsletter!

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